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Get To Know FanFicDiva

by FanFicDiva

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re wondering who has the nerve to proclaim themselves a “FanFicDiva“. Can’t say that I’d blame you. It’s actually just a moniker, though – because I am anything but Divaesque I seriously try very hard (yes, I used very) to save the drama for fic writing because I strive to keep things pretty chill. Emotional flotsam and other machinations are for baddies, not for my real life.

I’m certainly not internet famous, just opinionated AF. One of my greatest joys is being a “Fic Whisperer”. What…?  That simply means that I think outside the box to help others tweak their writing. I’m detail oriented in a somewhat wonky, but creative way. And, since I already know what’s in the box, there’s no use retreading that ground because my muse has a bazillion more ideas.

I got started writing Fan Fiction because my voice simply wasn’t represented in fandom. So, I created a woman who isn’t me – but, could represent the best of me and women like me.  I do admit to having a favorite Original Character that I enjoy writing, and she’s had quite a few adventures in ficland. She’s kinda awesome. She actually gets marriage proposals. 

Enough about me. Being Co-Author in this space is a new challenge and my hope is to bring interesting content and conversations written by me, and others I’ve met in my travels. 

My credited work can be found on WattPad:

My Credited Works – WattPad

And,  let’s not forget this scrumptious little truffle:

The Hump Day Collection – Erotic Fan Fiction

Also on AO3:

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Introducing FanFicDiva as a Co-Author of the blog!

by brendan2k5

Three months back, I added a Co-Author to my Anime Blog. This afternoon, FanFicDiva has accepted my offer to be a co-Author of this blog.

She took the time to let me know that she has a bit of…notariety in the world of Fan Fiction as both an author and a critic. I did look into that and have determined it’s not enough to prevent me from trusting her as as a Co-Author of this blog on all things Fan Fiction. FanFicDiva brings alot of interesting things to the blog and just when I was brainstorming new ideas moving forward. As a bonus, that means more articles from this blog in general as well.

I have full confidence in her writing skills. I have given her the freedom and autonomy to write whatever’s on her mind FanFiction related. Things will certainly become more lively around here ^_^


These Marvel and DC Movies got me thinking of bringing back crossovers with my own Super Factions

by brendan2k5

The Avengers Movieverse has dominated the box office and now the Justice League is finally getting in on the fun. Once upon a time, I actually had my own original Super Factions in my old Serene Adventure series: The Guardian Sages and the Force Lords. I’m bringing them back in the new Serene Adventure Sagas of course. Members of both factions appeared in a Tales of Symphonia Fanfic I wrote about 10 years ago. I LOVED it but it wasn’t well-received on The reason cited, which I agreed with was my original characters were Mary Sue compared to the cannon cast and they were also ridiculously overpowered. I’m doing a full reset of the Serene Adventure cast as it is but for more on that, see my Fiction Press blog.

Anyway moving on. I definitely WILL bring back my own stable of original characters to Fan Fiction but I will be much more careful of what fandoms I use them in and how I use them. I mentioned The Avengers and The Justice League Movie-verses because those are universes I think I’ll have alot more freedom in regards to my Super Factions.

The Guardian Sages and the Force Lords are rival factions that generally avoid directly fighting each other. When they do go at it, destruction is guaranteed. Both factions are made up of races from several planets.

Guardian Sages: Humans (Earth), Kyomorians (Kyomora), Pangeans (Pangaea) and Tyorians (formerly called Neo Sapiens, Emeral Eden).

Kyomora and Pangaea are in the same star system. In fact, they used to be one planet at one time before a Goddess split it in two. Kyomorians as a race value strength, valor in combat and martial prowess. Pangeans as a race value widsom, strategy and ingenuity. Their worlds were separated by a Goddess when a third faction–born from the union of Kyogeans and Pangeans–became a threat to their world. Both races have technology advanced enough to create portals that lead to infinite dimensions and universes. Theirs is viewed as one of many that exist or could exist.

Tyorians are an ancient, nomadic race that has traveled across the universe for thousands of years until recently. The ascention of Eve Frost to becomnig Queen of her people has seen the Tyorians choose Emerald Eden to permanently settle as a people. The queen has sent messengers to the four corners of the universe to spread word of their peoples’ new homeworld.

Force Lords: Nephillim (Endora), Kyogeans (New Kyogea), Decarians and Eronians (formerly called Decarian Cyborgs, Decarion and Mortica).

Nephilim are beings born to a human and an angel or demon. They are feared by humans due to their powers and longevity and are viewed as an abomination by the divine. Until recently, they lived in isolated communities across Earth. The rise of Abyssion Highwind–the oldest and most powerful Nephilim–has seen them settle on a planet of their own.

The Decarians were once a proud, highly advanced people who believed in pushing to be more than they were. The advent of Biolgical Automatization–the process of merging one’s consciousness with technology–led them to believe that they had achieved immortality as a race. That all changed when a error in the coding for the transfer process reduced their population from 10 Billion to 10 Million: Everyone who’d undergone the transfer would have the bodies they left behind reanimate as zombies with a will of their own. High Executor Qwerty–the first Decarian to undergo the transfer process–led the survivors to Mortica, a nearby planet that had been terraformed and recently colonized for them. Researchers have since developed a vaccine to protect the survivors living Decarians and robotic Decarians, called Eronians.

Kyogeans are born from the union of a Kyogean and a Pangean. Thousands of years ago, the rapid rise of the Kyogeans threatened the balance of power with the Kyomorians and Pangeans. To prevent war, a Goddess sealed the Kyogeans in another dimension and split the Kyogeans and Pangeans on separate planets. Fate is a funny thing, however. Led by their Eternal Champion Wesler Azzin, the Kyogeans refused to be denied and shattered the seal that bound them, invading both Kyomora and Pangea. The Guardian Sages ultimately stopped them but allowed them to leave to settle on a world of their own.

…That’s prettymuch an overview of the non-human members of both factions. I’m thinking of doing two crossover fanfics. The premise for both involves the Guardian Sages and Force Lords traveling to the Justice League and Avengers Movieverses.


  • The Justice League will be paired with the Force Lords. At one time, LexCorp secretly researched interdimensional gateways. After his invasion force is defeated by the Justice League, Darkseid learns of the LexCorps’s old project. Combining it with his own knowledge, his researchers crack the code and tear open a portals to Endora, New Kyogea and Mortica. Darkseid manipulates Abyssion Highwind, Wesler Azzin and High Executor Qwerty into invading the Earth of that universe by telling them of the powerful warriors who serve as its protectors.
  • The Avengers + X-Men will be paired with the Guardian Sages. Driven away by the X-Men and The Avengers, Apocalypse and Thanos meet by chance and decide to work together. Recognizing the combined threat to their world, Professor Xavier and Magneto meet with Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in Stark Tower. While there, Bruce Banner tests a new invention that opens portals to Kyomora, Pangea, Emerald Eden and a version of Earth not unlike theirs. The timely arrival of Ted Marshall, Midas Kyomora, Altrius Serdic and Eve Frost breaks a siege on the tower.


…As a reminder, this is based on the Movieverses. Not the comic books or any other sources. Certain characters who are either dead or weren’t there have been added to the story though. For example, the Professor X in this story is the one from the first X-Men Trilogy. Same with Wolverine, Laura (X-23 in the comic. She’s Wolverine’s biological daughter), Jean Grey and Cyclops. For those who are wondering yes, Deadpool will make an appearance as well. Should be interesting.

I don’t know when I will write these stories but probably not for another year or two maybe. We’ll see ^_^


My thoughts on the imfamous Harry Potter Fanfic My Immortal author Tara Gilesbie

by brendan2k5

Before I begin, I want to state for the record I only just learned the existence of this fanfic Thursday morning. For those who don’t know, the internet has dubbed Tara Gilesbie’s My Immortal the worst fanfic ever written. Given it’s based on Harry Potter and all the characters are goth vampires, that alone is enough for me to know it’s not worthy of my time. Personally, I have zero interest in anything Harry Potter so…yeah. Just not my thing. For that reason, my personal belief is the universal opinions of My Immortal’s popularity is due to how massively the HP Fandom is.

Moving on.

I actually skimmed through a copy of the first chapter of the original story and can say I’ve written far worse myself. That said, it’s obvious that at the time it was  wrtitten, it was never meant to actually be taken seriously. That’s why I can say beyond reasonable doubt The internet got this one wrong in regards to worst story ever. I’ve seen far worse out there and even written a few myself that could contend. LOL.

Anyway, I want to comment on the bizarre recent bit of information that has come out regarding the author: Apparently, the author recently revealed she wrote the Crackfic on purpose to get the attention of her brother. A brother she claimed to not have seen in years because they had been separated in foster care.

The problem: The same brother recently publicly came forward and set the record straight. Everything she said about her reasons for writing it was a complete and utter lie. They don’t see each other much but it’s mostly her doing, likely to make her sob story seem authentic. The timing couldn’t have been worse for her: Upon learning from the very brother she mentions in a planned memoir she lied, her publisher cancelled the book. The author has other published works on that note.

The crazy thing about this is despite being outed, the author insists she’s telling the truth. The REAL truth everyone really knows? She’s an attention whore. Nothing more or less. Once she learned The Internet dubbed her story the worst Fanfic ever, she ran with it. Now she got herself in a lose-lose situation. She’s screwed either way. See, if she admits she lied about prettymuch everything, it hurts her cred as a writer and an author. If she sticks to her original story, she has to keep lying to everyone including herself. She clearly has issues and it’s unfortunately she’s chosen to keep this facade going instead of quietly disappearing.

…”Worst Fanfic Ever?” No. The internet made the wrong person famous is what it is. LOL.


My silence is always for a good reason

by brendan2k5


I considered not writing this but after having to deal with a certain rude, inconsiderate and impatient fan of one of my stories a few months ago, I’ve decided to write this to shed some light on where I’m at personally.

Without going into too much detail, I left my job of 10 years in September 2016 after a long leave of absence. It wasn’t an easy decision on my part, more so given I didn’t have another job lined up. On top of that I have been dealing with mild Depression related to my former job and other things for the last few years. My work situation had been a mess since 2014 so my exit last year was just a formality.

To clarify I resigned, I wasn’t fired. I left of my own free will and have no regrets about it. Of course, the problem is I haven’t had income since then. I came upon some money in the last two months. It wasn’t much, it certainly didn’t last very long and I knew I would need to secure a new source of income. Again without going into detail, I have been working on a few things to turn my situation around. Nothing solid yet but securing a new source of income is priority for me right now.
…This brings me to an incident that privately happened between me and a fan of one of my stories. Some you may remember my Clannad Fanfics when they were on Speaking of, most of you should recall why I removed all of my work from both and its sister site Fictionpress early last year. The person I literally had to tell off was a fan of my Clannad fanfic in progress titled On the Verge of Tears. He followed the previous story Clannad: A Wonderful Life when it was on as well as the sequel when I started posting it. Then I pulled all my work off that site early last year for reasons I explained in a separate blog post but I won’t digress further.

Getting to the point, this fan had a problem with the fact I hadn’t put the chapters I’d written and finished so far from On the Verge of Tears on the website Archive Of Our Own (AO3) as I said I would eventually do. That’s it. Guy messages me on a few months ago to whine about the fact I hadn’t posted the completed chapters yet. I politely explained my situation and he blows me off saying I need to post what I finished so far “since it’s been so long”. That pissed me off and I let him know it’s my call to make. He retorts saying “It can’t be hard to upload 30MB worth of content” and that’s when I let him have it, literally telling him to fuck off. The audacity of this self-centered prick demanding I post a chapter just to make him happy.

Yeah, no.

I’ve been writing fan fiction for literally 20 years. I turned 33 last month. This message is advice to those who are either thinking of picking up writing or have started writing: That isn’t constructive criticism. That’s a textbook example of the Instant Gratification Mentality that’s rampant in today’s society.

Don’t EVER see someone demanding you update when they say so for anything other than impatience and self-entitlement. If you have shit going on in your life, that always comes first. Sure, writing is a great way to relieve stress. Yes, it’s great if you have dedicated fans and followers. It’s NOT ok for people to attack you for having priorities. I will be the first to admit I have been pissed off reading a story that starts good only to find out the author either hasn’t updated it in literally YEARS or abandoned it.

That and this are two different things.

Fortunately–and I have two fellow writers to thank for giving me the idea–I storyboard all new fanfics I decide to write before the first chapter is written. This way, updating despite a large gap of time isn’t a problem for me. I can just look at my notes and go from there.

In the interests of ending this post on a positive note, I am looking into publishing some of my completed fanfics based on Anime, Manga and certain video games as eBooks. I did some research on the legalities last year. Fan Fiction authors are afforded certain protections when publishing stories based on certain Intellectual Properties (IPs for short). IPs based on most Anime, Manga and some video games (which I will discuss in a separate post) CAN be published as-is and you will not have to worry about being slapped with  lawsuit or anything. My publishing plans are probably a year away if I had to guess. I don’t have a particular story or stories in mind yet on that note.

More updates to come soon ^_^

Planning a story based on GATE: And So, the Defense Force Fought…

by brendan2k5

…And I have decided it will be a somewhat more original story. The premise is mostly intact though I have decided to follow the lead of this awesome Fan Fic I read this morning (warning: said story hasn’t been updated in months, contact the author) and make the forces from the mondern world an international military. I have also decided to buff the Empire’s strength a bit. They’ll still be mostly outclassed but magic and the demigods will play a much more prominent role in the battles between the Empire and the modern world.

Here is an overview of what I have planned so far:

  • On February 15, 2015 a GATE suddenly appears in the middle of London. Invaders from another world pour out of the Gate and starts killing people. The British Military, which happened to be doing a training exercises quickly responds and wipes out the invading army. 500 civilian fatalities are reported with an additional 45 reported missing.
  • Two months later on April 15, another GATE appears in the middle of Washington, DC. As if in preparation for it, the United States Military mobilizes and intercepts the same invaders that attacked London two months earlier before mass casualties are inflicted. 40 U.S. Servicemen are killed and 10 civilians are reported missing.
  • Two months later on July 15. the world is reeling from the attacks on the United States and the United Kingdom. The invading force comprised of soldiers dressed in armor, many on horseback. A variety of monsters and wyverns were also counted among their ranks. Based on the intel extracted from soldiers captured alive, both nations determinee the invaders come from another world beyond the GATE.
  • On August 15, a third GATE opens in the Ginza Prefecture of Tokyo, Japan. Off-Duty JSDF Youji Itami. who happened to be in the area leads the evacuation of civilians. While there were nearly 1,300 fatalities–more than double the previous two Gate incidents–this was due to most of the JSDF not being in Tokyo at the time. An additional 206 civillians are reported missing.
  • The fourth GATE opens in Moscow, Russia on October 15. The Russian Military intercepts the invaders as they emerge and give chase, establishing a foothold in the forest they find on the other side of the Gate in Moscow. The Russians are the first people of the modern world to cross into the world the invaders have come from.
  • The Fifth and final GATE opens in the Kurdistan region boardering Turkey and Iraq on December 15, 2015. The Kurdish Army is pleasantly surprised when no invaders emerge from the Gate. That relief turns into shock when scouts report a large city is a short distance away from the Gate on the other side, which is hidden in a mountain range. They quickly realize this city is probably where the invaders that attacked the other four countries all hail from.


The United Nations holds an emergency session in January 2016 regarding The GATE Phenomenon. In the months since the GATE first appeared in their capitals the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom sent their military through to the other side.

All five effected countries confirmed by radio all five Gates lead to the same world, just different areas:

  • Japan’s GATE is unchanged from the canon is at Alnus Hill.
  • The United States discovers their GATE leads to a grassy region the captured prisoners call Greywind Plains.
  • The United Kingdom discovers their GATE leads to a valley called Ewan Vale.
  • Russia’s GATE leads to a forest falled Giant Forest, so named for the sea of trees as tall as skyscrapers.
  • Kurdistan’s GATE leads to Co Lada’s Pass, an overland mountain route that leads to the Empire’s fallback castle.

The world is both fascinated and terrified by the implications of this mysterious other world ripe with resources and space for the taking. They learn from those captured alive this other world is called Falmart. The United Nations grants permission for the United States, Russia, Japan and the United Kingdom to establish footholds in Falmart. The UN requests the assistence of Turkey and Iraq to commit soldiers to help defend the GATE that appeared in Kurdistan after multiple reports of displaced refugees being allowed to freely cross into Falmart from Kurdistan’s GATE.

The United Nations learns from the captured prisoners the Empire is the largest known nation on Falmart. It has a population of around 40 Million people, of which 10 Million are military. There are vassal states and tribes as well as independent City-States. This is just in regards to the human-populated areas. A variety of what we would consider mythical creatures, demihumans and demigods also live on Falmart. According to some reports, dinsaurs also call this world home.

Its level of developed technology is comparable to the 7th Century at best though unlike the modern world, Magic exists on Falmart. This backs up claims by the British and Japanese forces of having encounterd Magic-wielding foes. Most of the sentient beings on Falmart practice a variety of religions and belief systems different yet in some ways similar to the religions of the modern world. Polythiesm is widespread and very popular. It is truly a world of near limitless potential.

The UN creates the International Expeditionary Force (IEF), which is a multinational military alliance for all matters concerning Falmart. They are also mostly supported by the host nations, who send their own military as well. A large defense force is sent to Kurdistan to guard it for now.

The Four Expeditionary Teams are given five primary directives on Falmart:

  1. Establish an outpost near the GATE to defend it from attacking forces.
  2. Explore enemy territory, gathering as much intel about the Empire as possible.
  3. Establish a friendly relationship with the locals and learn as much as possible about the region.
  4. Identify areas where valuable resources may be located (Minerals, Oil, Rubber, etc.).
  5. Learn the fate of the people captured by the enemy and rescue them if possible.

The United Nations chooses February 15, 2016–the 1-year anniversary of the first GATE appearance–to be the day the IEF formally ventures into Falmart. The Gate Phenomenon is viewed by many to be one of, if not the biggest event in Earth’s Human history.

…This is just an overview of the timeline leading up to D-Day. The story itself begins six months later. By then, each GATE has a base built next to it (except the one at the pass, of course). The Empire sent armies to defeat them but despite the strong magic used against them, the IEF easily defeats their foes before they can get too close.

Just as the UN approves a request by both Russia and the United States to launch satellites into Falmartian Space, talks begin on granting Falmart’s access to non-military and non-government personnel. The UN and the IEF are both hesitant to allow civilians unrestricted access to Falmart until they know more about the Empire and other potential enemies.

In a separate post, I’ll get into World Building for both Falmart and the Modern World as I see it. In a third post, I’ll get into the massive cast of this endevour. It’s sure to be interesting.

Wait, I just realized I forgot to tell you the name of the story. LOL. It will be titled The IEF’s Crusade. I have at least one sequel planned to boot. Yes, I said sequel. To a story I just decided to write this week. Yeah. I’m nuts. Or inspired. Or something. Should be fun.








Planning out a new Inuyasha Fanfic, I got a bit carried away

by brendan2k5

Go here to read the overview in full. That said, I swear I thought I posted this two months ago. LOL.

As you can see, I went over a huge chunk of the story in sordid detail. I have been doing this alot lately with my non-fanfic projects. I’ve started writing in that much detail for times like now: In the last few years, I have gone from as few as several weeks to as much as several years between when I update a particular story. In this way, the outline helps me remember the main direction I had in mind.

As will this post for Timeless Bonds. In addition to what the outline says, there will be other diviations from the canon. Here are many of the noteworthy ones, some of which I touched on already. Fair warning, Major Spoilers if you have not seen the entire anime including Final Act plus the third movie, Swords of an Honorable Ruler:

  • Inuyasha and Kikyo have twins together before Kikyo is killed and Inuyasha is sealed: A boy named Inukasha and a girl named Inukoro, or Kasha and Koro for short. Kasha takes after his mother and has strong spiritual powers while Koro takes after her father in appearance and strength. Naraku cursed Koro while she was still in the womb and she is born with a spider-shaped birthmark on her left wrist.
  • When Inuyasha is released, he decides to take the twins with them on the journey to recover the Sacred Jewel Shards. Like Kagome, Kasha’s strong spiritual powers allows him to sense when a jewel shard is nearby.
  • Shippo is a fully matured Kitsune when he joins the group. He falls head over heels in love with Koro at first sight. Koro, who knows little of romance is oblivious to his feelings for her.
  • It is revealed the twins can travel to the present just like their father can.
  • While Inuyasha was sealed, the Demon Sorceress Urasue revives Inutaisho in preparation of her main goal of reviving Kikyo. She also revived him in the hopes of having leverage against Sesshomaru. The revival process is partially successful: Inutaisho is brought back but without most of the power he had in life. Urasue surmises he may have been reincarnated somewhere in the world and drives him out of her lair.
  • It doesn’t take long for the former Lord of the West to realize he’d been raised from the dead. Not wanting Sesshomaru to know, he disguises himself as a Rhonin by the name of Shotai and wanders the land to learn of how much the world has changed since he died. On his travels, he passes through Kikyo’s village and finds his soul pulling him toward Koro. He immediately realizes she is his reincarnation (!) and is even further shocked when he realizes she is also his granddaughter.
  • Inutaisho secretly meets with Jaken, Totosai and Kaede. Kaede, who only knew of him from reputation agrees to keep his return a secret from Inuyasha and his children. Jaken and Totosai also agree not to tell Sesshomaru of his father’s return.
  • Sango is a little older, married and has a young son named Saizo at the time she is introduced. When her village is destroyed, one of the villlagers manages to hide her son before being killed. When Sango joins the group, she leaves her son in Kaede’s care.
  • It’s revealed a moonless night is when Kasha’s spiritual powers are at their strongest due to the complete negation of his demon blood. For Koro, who hates being a half-demon she revels in becoming human even if just for a night.
  • When Kikyo is revived, the twins learn Inuyasha is their father. Kikyo also tells Inuyasha about the curse mark on Koro’s wrist.
  • When the group meets Naraku, he reveales he was the one who cursed Koro before she was born as leverage against Inuyasha: With Kikiyo gone he wants the next best thing.
  • The curse mark activates, causing Koro to turn on her friends and family. After Naraku is driven off she regains herself. Realizing she will be a danger to her friends and family, she leaves the group in fear.
  • Kasha and Sango seek out Kikyo, who Koro already found for clues on how to remove her curse mark. Kikyo says the only sure way to get rid of it it to kill Naraku himself. All she can do is suppress the curse mark for now but it will not hold if Naraku is nearby.
  • Shotai tells them about the Demon Sword Sounga. He’d been searching for it in secret in the hopes of giving it to Koro one day to master it but the sword’s location seems to have been lost over time. He tells Koro to find it before someone else does be warns it will test her worthiness once she does.
  • Shotai reveals his true identity to Kikyo once Sango and the twins depart for the village. The two decide to travel together. This will make it far easier for Kikyo to set her plans for Naraku’s destruction in motion.
  • Koharu (a minor character and acquaintance of Miroku’s from Season 2) joins the group after their encounter with Kanna. It turns out after the encounter, Koharu gained the ability to sense Naraku and his incarnations as well as read their abilities. Despite her lack of combat experience, the group reluctantly agrees her new power is too valuable to not make use of.
  • After Goshinki is ripped apart by Inuyasha, Sango takes some of his bones and uses them to make a halberd for Koharu while Inuyasha’s sword is repaired by Totosai.
  • During the incident with the Moth Demon and the Bandits, Koro is captured and Kasha is badly injured trying to rescue their father and Miroku from the demon’s cocoon. Everyone is shocked when Kasha’s demon blood takes over and he joins his father in the massacre that follows.
  • When father and son turn on each other, Koro steps in and helps Sesshomaru subdue them. Unlike Inuyasha, Kasha’s demon blood will only activate when his life is in danger and will lose its effect once all threats to him are eliminated or he dies, whichever happens first.
  • After Inuyasha defeats Ryukotsusei, Kasha challenges him to a duel. Inuyasha accepts but not to the death. Despite being injured and exhausted from his earlier battle, Inuyasha wins the duel but just barely. After the battle, Kasha explains the reason he wanted to fight him was so he could safely test his newly awakened demonic powers. His father is less than thrilled to know he’d been used as a test subject despite winning.
  • Sesshomaru walks in on Kagura’s meeting with Tsubaki. “All that awaits you if you ally yourself with Naraku is destruction.” He tells Tsubaki before walking off.
  • Later when Kagome breaks Tsubaki’s curse, Sesshomaru encounters Kikyo and Shotai. Kikyo asks Sesshomaru if he would have stepped in to stop the Dark Priestess from killing Inuyasha but he declines, saying he already warned Tsubaki about Naraku.
  • Sesshomaru later catches up to Tsubaki and convinces her to join him, saying challenging Inuyasha again would be certain death. It is through Tsubaki Sesshomaru learns for the first time Kikyo was pregnant by Inuyasha 50 years ago. It is then that he realizes Kasha and Koro are in fact his nephew and niece.
  • When Shippo is challenged by Soten of the Thunder Demon Tribe, he is impressed by her beauty and falls in love with her. By the time the others catch up to him, the two have decided to get married once peace has be brought to the land. In the meantime, Soten joins the group wielding the power of lightning.
  • Kagome returns to the present, bringing Koro with her. While in the present, Koro finds Sounga in a box sealed in the shrine and brings it back to the Feudal Era. Those plans are put on hold as the others are dealing with the reincarnated Onigumo.
  • When Onigumo sees Inuyasha, Kasha and Koro together, he remembers what happened 50 years earlier. Without realizing it, he was the one who cursed Koro while she was still in the womb. This enrages Kasha, who activates his demonic powers. Everyone is surprised as this is the first time Kasha is fighting using both Divine Power and Demonic Energy at the same time.
  • Even with his new powers, Kasha is unable to land the finishing blow and Kagura flees with Onigumo. Naraku catches up with the two some distance away and makes a deal with Onigumo: In exchange for not returning to his body, he must seek out the remaining Jewel Shards. Of course, Onigumo has no choice but to accept the offer.
  • After the group encounters Shiori, the destruction from their battle with the Bat Demon Tribe leaves the coastal village in shambles. Because of the damage, they are kicked out of the village. Sango, Shippo and Soten offer to take them to the village where Jinenji and his mother live but Shiori asks to accompany Inuyasha on his travels. Although the crystal was destroyed, she still has the power to create barriers. Shiori’s mother reluctantly leaves the decision to Inuyasha. Seeing himself in her a little, he decides to allow her to join the group for the time being.
  • The group splits up from here: Inuyasha, Kagome, Koro and Kasha return to Kaede’s village to unseal Sounga. Sango, Kirara, Shiori, Shippo and Soten escort Shiori’s mother. Miroku, Koharu and Hatchin travel to Sango’s Village. While they are there, Miroku and Koharu decide to talk to Sango later about rebuilding the village.
  • Back in Kaede’s village, Koro is having a tough time bending Sounga to her will. The sudden and unexpected arrival of Sesshomaru changes things as both Tenseiga and Tetsusaiga resonate together, helping Koro restrain Sounga’s power.
  • Sesshomaru asks Koro where she heard of Sounga and she mentions Shotai. He immediately realizes who he really is.
  • Inutaisho and Kikyo make their presence known right then. What they didn’t know is Inutaisho and Kikyo had been watching with Kaede, Koga, Ayame and Miyoga from a distance. Inutaisho commends Koro for binding the sword to her will. He also admonishes his sons for working together for the first time as brothers.
  • Kaede notes this is the first time three generations of the dog demon tribe have been together. When the others arrive, information is exchanged.
  • Sango agrees with Miroku’s proposal that her village be used as their headquarters, more so given how large their group has become. Its remote location will also make it easy to defend once it’s rebuilt. To the surprise of everyone, Inutaisho offers to take point on turning the village into a fortress. “Out of everyone here, I am the only one whose existence our foes are unaware of.”  he reasons. His kinfolk agree though he reminds them since he’s technically dead, Sesshomaru is the head of their clan now.
  • Koga and Sesshomaru decide to focus on tracking down Naraku and combine their forces. Sesshomaru considers sending Rin to Sango’s village with his father but decides against it since she wants to travel with him.
  • Koga sends his friends with Inutaisho, asking them to help him get the village ready. Ayame objects, offering to go instead. When Koga asks why, she reveals she’s pregnant.
  • At the same time, Koharu tells Miroku the same news. She meant to tell him before but never had the chance to tell him. The problem is he has developed feelings towards Sango. The two decide it’s best for her to go to Sango’s village with Inutaisho and the others.
  • Kasha and Shippo decide to go to Sango’s Village to help get things set up. As the first village made for humans, demons and half-demons it would be helpful to have a few folks there to help organize things. Once things are set up, they’ll catch up with the others.
  • Kikyo decides to remain in the village for a little longer to research a means of defeating Naraku. Much to her surprise, Tsubaki offers to join her in her research. Having worked for Naraku for a time, she was able to learn much about him. Kikyo reluctantly accepts her rival’s assistence.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome decide to continue their search for the remaining jewel shards. Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Soten, Shiori and Koro travel with them.

….This spans what would be the first 3 seasons of the Anime. This will also be one book. I have at least two more books planned as well. The second book opens with the Panther Tribe War. The premise is also slightly different: The Panther Tribe ambushes the group going to Sango’s village and captures Inutaisho. They use him as leverage to get Sesshomaru to commit to war with them.

At the time I drafed this, I was in the middle of watching Season 3 of the Anime. Hence the obvious markers. In a bid to keep the number of OCs low, I instead repurposed known minor characters rather than make a bunch of new ones. Here’s some noteworthy changes for support character and some of the minor characters who now have recurring roles:

  • Sango: She’s a little older and has a young son named Saizo. Her husband is killed when their village is razed so she leaves her son in the care of Kaede’s Village.
  • Shippo: He’s a fully matured Kitsune this time around. He falls in love with Koro but the feelings are not returned. He later agrees to marry Soten of the Thunder Tribe.
  • Soten: Much older this time around. After learning her kinfolk were felled by Shippo, she decides to challenge him to a duel. That was before she met him in person. After fighting each other into a stalemate for 3 days and 3 nights, the two call a truce and decide to marry later.
  • Kikyo: Kasha and Kora’s mother. Not as jealous of Kagome as she is in the original series since she’s more concerned about her daughter.
  • Inutaisho: Dead in the original series. He’s rezzed by Urasue and Inukoro is his reincarnation. Aside from what’s listed above, Initaisho is nowhere near as powerful as he was in life since his granddaughter inherited his vast power. He’s still stronger than Inuyasha, though. Prior to being reunited with his sons, he goes by the name Shotai.
  • Koharu: A minor character from Season 2 and an acquaintence of Miroku’s. She is revealed to have the ability to sense when Naraku or one of his incarnations are nearby as well as read their abilities. She gained these powers after he encounter with Kanna. Despite her lack of combat experience, the group decides to let her join the group on their travels.
  • Tsubaki: Dark Priestess and rival of Kikyo’s. After being defeated by Inuyasha’s group, she cuts her ties with Naraku and decides to join Sesshomaru on his quest for revenge.
  • Shiori: A half-demon who helps Inuyasha gain the barrier-breaking Red Tetsusaiga. The destruction from the group’s battle with the Bat Demon tribe gets Shiori and her mother kicked out of the village. The power Shiori inherited from her father awakened during the battle. She decides to travel with Inuyasha’s group to strengthen her powers.

Everyone is mostly unchanged. I have a few things I wanna work out with other characters as well. Book 2 will cover events from Seasons 4 through 7 prettymuch.  Book 3 covers The Final Act plus continues for a bit afterward. This has gone on long enough but I will update this as I think of more things ^_^

Oh and yes, this story will ONLY be published on AO3.


Four more Warcraft stories to follow the Worldbreaker Saga

by brendan2k5


…The first two will cover the events of Warlords of Draenor. The third transitions into Legion including the Broken Shore Scenario and the fourth picks up from there.

I made an updated outline for the first Draenor story, Siege of Worlds. I added more content to the outline so…yeah. Here it is:


– The story will mostly take place on Draenor itself and starts six months after Garrosh’s escape. Like the Worldbreaker Saga it will be told from the point of view of both the Alliance snd the Horde.

– The Alliance story will mostly follow Vindicator Arya Aurabolt, who is the daughter of the legendary Alliance Hero Fomortiis Aurabolt. Draenei do not normally have a surname but in honor of her late adopted father, she and her mother Myrmid took on the legendary hero’s last name.

– The Horde story will mostly follow Raigher, the recently appointed Warlord of Orgrimmar in the aftermath of the Siege of Orgrimmar. In the wake of Garrosh’s escape Raigher has his hands full helping Vol’Jin and Thrall repair the rift Garrosh’s aggression had on the people of the city. Although most who fought under Hellscream during the siege were killed, those who survived the fighting would have their fate decided by him. With one word, the lives of the traitors could be spared or ended.

– Six months after Garrosh escapes custody, the Dark Portal turns crimson red and the Iron Horde invades Azaroth. The Iron Horde’s invasion of Azaroth is swift and deadly: their march brings them to the outskirts of Elwynn Forest to the west and Blackrock Mountain to the North. They even gain footholds on Kalimdor in Desolace and Felwood as well as on Northrend in the Grizzly Hills. Alliance and Horde outposts in the effected areas are quickly overwhelmed and everyone is slaughtered. The Iron Horde forces on Azeroth are under the command of none other than Warlord Zaela, the former Matron of the Horde and wife of Garrosh Hellscream.

– Varian Wrymn is asked by his son Anduin, who is the current King of Stormwind to return as High King of the Alliance but he refuses; He left Anduin in charge because he trusts his leadership capabilities. During a skirmish to liberate Lakeshire, the Alliance gets its first victory over the Iron Horde but the price is steep: In a move that surprises even the Horde, the Iron Horde captures Varian alive and takes him back to Draenor.

– The Iron Horde on Kalimdor carve out a canyon right into Mulgore, threatening Thunder Bluff. As the city is besieged the entire city is evacuated in a single night. When the Iron Horde enter the city, all they see are heavily armed soldiers armed to the teeth and prepared to fight to the death. As the Fight for Thunder Bluff commences, the battle shifts in the Iron Horde’s favor when the elevators and rope bridges are destroyed. The timely arrival of Sylvanas and The Forsaken turns the battle around. The Forsaken reinforcements manage to push the Iron Horde out of Mulgore long enough for the canyon to be caved in by Horde Shamen. The damage to Thunder Bluff is so bad, it will take some time to repair the damage. The people move to Bloodhoof village to the southeast for safety. Sylvanas and Baine interrogate one of the captured invaders and learn Garrosh is indeed alive.

– Anduin and Rhenn meet with the other faction leaders and Serene Adventure’s leadership in Stormwind to discuss the Iron Horde and Varian’s capture. Scouts sent into the Dark Portal report the world the Iron Horde comes from is not Outland but Draenor as it was 35 years ago. Vindicator Maraad offers to lead the advance forces into Draenor. Having lived and fought on Draenor at that time, he knows the lay of the land. Arya offers to lead some Serene Adventure members through the portal to Draenor to find and rescue Varian. Rolanto, Talen, Alana and Nautica pledge their lives to help Arya in any way they can. Her mother Myrmid decides to stay behind to help the others deal with the Iron Horde threatening Alliance outposts on Azeroth. As Arya prepares to depart with Maraad, Myrmid tells her to look for a Draenei Mage named Thesseus and help him in any way she can. When asked why, Myrmid simply states “He’s your father.”

– Thrall, Raigher and Vol’jin meet with the other faction leaders in Orgrimmar to discuss the Iron Horde  invasion and Garrosh’s involvement. Scouts sent into the Dark Portal report the world the Iron Horde comes from is not Outland but Draenor as it was 35 years ago. Thrall offers to lead the advance forces into Draenor. Having never known the Orcs’ home world, he is anxious to see the home described to him by the older Orcs who grew up there. King Aslanoch Trueflame of the Sindorei orders Serdic and his daughter Princess Verina Trueflame to assist Thrall in any way that they can. As Thrall prepares to depart, Vol’Jin urges him to seek out the father he never knew on Draenor for wisdom and strength. After the Horde envoy leaves for the Dark Portal Raigher receives a missive from his most trusted spy Faoris, who has infiltrated Blackrock Spire. He confirms the Iron Horde are using it as a base of operations on Azeroth and they are being led by Zaela, who is due to give birth any day.

– The Alliance and the Horde coordinate their forces to strike at the Iron Horde’s presence in the Blasted lands long enough for their respective envoys to slip past the defenders and safely reach Draenor. Arya and Thrall are surprised to see the World Shaman Carbina as well as Lillina of the Earthen Ring, Damien of the Ebon Blade and Torika of the Cenarion Circle awaiting them in Tanaan Jungle. Lillina and Torika decided to travel to Draenor to learn what they could about the world before it became Outland in their timeline. They want to learn all they can in the hopes of figuring out a way to heal some of the corruption on present-day Outland. Damien was sent by Abyssion to protect them from harm but also to kill the Orc who would become the first Lich King.

– With help from Lillina, Damien and Torika the Dark Portal on Draenor is shut down and then destroyed, buying them and Azeroth much-needed time to muster the strength needed to take on the Iron Horde. The coalition group splits up at this point: Damien disappears after the fighting is over to chase after a suspicious group of Orcs. Lillina and the Alliance envoy travel to Karabor where they meet a 35-years-younger Velen. Torika and the Horde envoy travel to Frostfire Ridge where they meet Warchief Durotan of the Frostwolf Clan, which was the only major clan that refused to join the Iron Horde.

– In recognition of their efforts in Tanaan Jungle, the Alliance envoy is given Lunarfall in Shadowmoon Valley upon which to build a Garrison. As the leader of the Alliance forces on Draenor, Arya is given absolute authority over their new stronghold and the outposts being constructed deeper in enemy territory. Maraad heads up diplomatic relations with the Council of Exarchs. When Yrel’s sister Samaara is abducted by Ner’zul, Maraad tells Lillina he believes Yrel could be the Champion of the Draenei he should have been and decides to properly train her as a Vindicator. Having avoided the subject up to now, Arya finally confesses to Thesseus he is the father she never knew in the original timeline. When she mentions her mother’s name to him, Thesseus states “One of the twin girls Vindicator Akama recently adopted goes by that name.”

– In recognition of their efforts in Tanaan Jungle, the Horde envoy is given Frostwall in Frostfire Ridge upon which to build a Garrison. As the leader of the Horde forces on Draenor, Serdic is given absolute authority over their new stronghold and the outposts being constructed deeper in enemy territory. Thrall heads up diplomatic relations with the Frostwolf Clan. When the Frostwolf Clan takes Bladespire Fortress, Thrall opens up and finally tells Durotan they are father and son in the original timeline though due to unfortunate circumstances he grew up never knowing his birth parents. Durotan replies saying “Even though you are another Durotan’s son, I would be honored to call you my son.” As the Horde battle standard is raised above the new Frostwolf Stronghold,  Draka tells Durotan she is pregnant (!).

– The Alliance and Horde forces on Draenor coordinate their armies and attack the Iron Horde siege of Shattrath City. Maraad sacrifices himself to protect Yrel from an artillery explosion aboard one of Blackhand’s Ironclad Ships.

– Arya and Serdic team up and confront Garrosh Hellscream in Nagrand. Even without being infused with Sha Energy he is more than a match for both of them. Just before Garrosh can finish them off, Thrall arrives and challenges Garrosh to Mak’Gora, which he accepts. Thrall wins the duel and kills Garrosh, finally closing what had been a dark chapter for the Horde. With Varian rescued from the Warsong Clan, the Alliance’s primary mission has been completed. Even so, the Iron Horde still remains a threat to two worlds. Varian decides to lend his support to the Alliance campaign on Draenor and travels to Stormshield to send word to Stormwind City.

…And there ya go.
The storyline brings closure to the end of MoP’s events while also following the WoD timeline to a certain point. Since the Player Character is the main Hero in both WoD and Legion, this means certain creative liberties can be taken on my end. It goes without saying Damien was sent to Draenor to kill Ner’zul. He gets killed off early on in WoD anyways so…yeah. It would have been real confusing if the Lich King storyline was repeated with him.


Here is how the second story will play out in The Draenor Campaign. This is my first time publicly releasing this outline:


– The story picks up a month after the Campaign in Nagrand. King Aslanoch Trueflame travels to Draenor upon receiving word from Khadgar the Warlock Gul’dan’s trail has gone cold. As one of the Horde’s most powerful Archmages, he decides to personally assist in finding him before things get out of hand. When he arrives in Warspear, he is surprised to learn Varian Wrynn would like to meet with him.

– The two leaders meet at Khadgar’s Tower in Talador where Varian confirms Garrosh is really dead this time and that he feels he’s in a good place to discuss open joint operations between the Alliance and the Horde on Draenor. Having seen their allies the Frostwolf Clan and the Council of Exarchs planning and coordinating attacks together–two factions with a dark history in their time–there’s no reason the Alliance and the Horde can’t do the same. Aslanoch asks Varian if he was taking active control to which he replies “Aurabolt would probably kick me if I stepped in now.” On hearing the name of his old friend and rival, Aslanoch replies “Speaking of him, Warlocks speak of Fomortiis with reverence in hushed tones. From what I gather, the Legion’s up something big and wherever he is, he might be trying to stop them.”

– At the same time, Arya and Serdic meet at Retribution Point to better decide where their respective forces should focus. The Iron Horde presences in Nagrand and Talador have been dealt with so that leaves Gorgrond and the Spires of Arak. Arya decides to focus on the Spires of Arak while Serdic picks Gorgrond. Both are next to their native allies’ lands so they would have an easier time coordinating their forces.

– After crushing the Iron Horde forces in Gorgrond and The Spires of Arak, the Alliance and the Horde turn their attention to Tanaan Jungle. Gul’dan, who’d been watching the collapse of the Iron Horde usurps control of the remnants of the Iron Horde from Grom. Arya and Serdic take point constructing a harbor near their respective Garrisons. Meanwhile, Varian and Aslanoch are joined by Dexterose of the Ebon Blade, who was sent by Highlord Highwind as an observer for the final battle. She mentions to them she requested to be the one to go for “personal reasons”.

– Soon after the Alliance and Horde forces return to Tanaan Jungle, they find it very different from how it was when they first arrived: Most of the trees are gone and there is a fel-corrupted river that runs though it. This is when Arya and Serdic separately learn Gul’dan leads the Iron Horde now and is clearly bringing demons to Draenor.

– Varian, Aslanoch, Lillina, Damien and Torika team up and take down Supreme Lord Kazzak atop The Throne of Kil’Jaedeen. After slaying the Archfiend, they are surprised to discover although Mannoroth’s blood is the main source of the demonic corruption to the water, his body is nowhere to be found.

– Arya helps Yrel with her initiation to become an Exarch. During their travels, Arya tells Yrel of the heroes of Azeroth who have thrice prevented The Legion from invading their world, the third time by none other than her deceased father. Yrel opens up and admits as much as she knows her people need her on Draenor, she would love to go to Azeroth with her. Arya asks her if there is anyone that she has feelings for. To her surprise, Yrel tells her it’s Thessius! When Arya tells her he’s her father Yrel breathes a sigh of relief, saying “For a while, I thought you had clamed his heart before I could”.

– Serdic meets with Khadgar where they discuss the nature of the Twisting Nether. Serdic shocks Khadgar when he reveals he was born in the Twisting Nether. His name in Thalassian literally means “Light of the Void”: His mother, who was a Magister and one of Kael’Thas’ followers was pregnant with him when she joined him in Outland. Her expedition group was ambushed by a group of unbound voidwalkers and most of them were killed. Serdic’s mother was absorbed into one of the voidwalkers. Even after the voidwalker was defeated no trance of her remained. Warlocks tried summoning her but all they were able to retrieve was Serdic. Khadgar surmises even as a baby, his strong will prevented him from being lost to the shadows and he feels their chances of victory are much better with him leading the charge.

– During the seige of Hellfire Citadel, it’s revealed Grom is still alive. After slaying the demon tasked with brutally torturing him, Durotan tells him it’s not too late for him to make things right. Pausing for a moment, Grom agrrees saying now it’s personal. He picks up Gorehowl and heads for the top of the citadel, cutting down anything that tries to stop him.

– Arya and Serdic arrive at the Black Gate in time to see Gul’dan summon Archimonde through The Black Gate. After The Defiler is defeated, he sends Gul’dan through the portal before dying. Everyone is astonished to see Dexterose run into the portal just before it explodes. Thinking a moment, Aslanoch remembers the rumor he’d heard about “a powerful, sentient being sensed in The Nether.” He then reassures the others Dexterose will probably be fine and likely planned this from the beginning.


…Like Hellfire Citadel’s final cinematic, the story ends with a cliffhanger. Naturally, things switch to the events of Legion.


Here is the outline to new story Fomortiis and Aurabolt: Darkness and Light. I will cover this in the fourth World Breaker story but both heroes died at the end of that story. As is often the case in Warcraft Lore, not everyone who dies stays dead. LOL.

Here is the outline of events:


– A year passes since victory on Draenor is secured. Yrel decides to stay behind and help prepare her people to deal with the Legion should they return. Since the final battle, she married Thessius and is now expecting a baby. In an effort to ease relations with the Orcs, the Draenei have opened Shattrath City to them and is sharing their technology with the Frostwolf Clan. Exarch Malanar assures Arya and the Alliance Lunarfall will always be theirs no matter how much time passes. Even if Draenor enjoys peace forever more, that will never change. Arya and Yrel walk through the Garrison together one more time, stopping atop the cliff overlooking the rest of Shadowmoon Valley. Her mission completed, Arya decides to leave her sword and shield on the cliff. There, they would serve as a reminder of the strength and courage she brought with her to Draenor. Yrel jokingly says if the Legion came back tomorrow, she wouldn’t hesitate to use her sword and shield despite being with child. “All things considered, you might not have a choice if that happens.” Arya replies, adding “I know we haven’t seen the last of the Legion.”

– A year passes since victory on Draenor is secured. The remaining Orc Clans agree to name Durotan the new Warlord of all the Orc Clans of Draenor. Despite the overwhelming odds, Durotan and The Frostwolves kept the Orcs’ way of life pure and fought not for themselves but for all Orcs’ survival. Durotan names Grommash Hellscream his second in command, saying even though they are cooperating with the Draenei, the Orcs shouldn’t waste time preparing for their next battle with the Legion. For this reason, he names the united Orc Clans The Draenic Horde to differentiate from their Azerothian counterpart. Thrall tells Serdic he believes The Draenic Horde have Garrosh to thank after all, saying if it wasn’t for him, history would have repeated itself. If Garrosh did not show Grom what would happen if they drank Mannoroth’s blood, he never would have listened to him. Serdic tells Thrall Durotan is letting the Horde keep Frostwall in case it’s needed again, adding “I think Durotan’s trying to tell you something.” Thrall laughs, saying “Even though I have no reason to decline the offer, my home is Azeroth. He understands.” As the two walk through Frostwall one more time, Serdic asks Thrall if he will keep in touch with his sister Duga’ra to which Thrall replies “She’s not my sister.”

– When Dexterose entered The Nether, she is immediately confronted by hundreds of thousands of demons. The sight of them sends her into a frenzy and she launches herself into the fray without hesitation. In a very short amount of time, she slaughters ten thousand demons in just her first charge. As she turns for another pass, something flies past her and slaughters the rest of the demons. It’s only after the last one is slain she sees the creature that slaughtered the demons is a Demon Hunter. “Gul’dan came this way not long before you did. The fact that Abyssion sent you to get me means the time has come for me to fulfill my end of the bargain.” When Dexterose asks him who he must be for Abyssion to send her on a suicide mission, he simply replies “When I was alive, my name was Fomortiis Aurabolt. In The Nether, I am known as Fomortiis The Relentless.”

– Stunned, Dexterose silently nods in ackowledgement before opening a Death Gate to Acherus for the return trip to Azeroth. Waiting on the other side is none other than Abyssion himself. “Care to tell me now how two souls could perfectly occupy the same body now, old friend?” Abyssion asks the Demon Hunter standing before him. “Originally, we were supposed to be twins.” Fomortiis replies with a chuckle. “I died shortly before birth but not before my consciousness was absorbed into him. In order for me to get my body back, the body we shared needed to die. Now that I am finally a separate being, it’s time I honored our agreement.” Abyssion then goes on to explain three years have passed since The Hour of Twilight and things have changed. To that, Fomortiis simply replies “I’m sure Aurabolt will be thrilled when he returns. Now, let’s go to Stormwind. I have a Paladin to ressurrect.”

– Arya and Myrmid happen to be visiting Aurabolt’s Tomb when Fomortiis arrives. Arya had come intending to claim her father’s legendary sword Divina when Fomortiis stops her. “He’s going to need that when he wakes up.” Arya and Myrmid are stunned as they watch the stranger do what Aurabolt himself said was an impossability and raises him from the dead. “While I wish you two weren’t here to see that, it saves some explaining.” Aurabolt says to them, adding “My twin brother, Fomortiis.” Abyssion chooses that moment to make his presence known and asks Myrmid if she ever told Arya about the sword he used when he was alive: Flamberge, Breath of The Lifebinder. He then goes on to explain when he first joined the Argent Dawn, he traveled to Northrend and was given the sword imbued with a portion of the Red Aspect’s power. Flamberge is an enchanted blade that will not allow itself to be wielded by the unworthy: All the mortals who tried to take up the sword before him were burned to ashes. This was why he was still able to use it even after he was raised as a Death Knight.

– Arya travels to Icecrown with Lillina and former Westfall Magistrate Angel to retrieve Flamberge. Lillina asks Angel why she never went to Draenor and she explains she had her hands full restarting Westfall’s economy, rebuilding the roads to Goldshire and Darkshire as well as building a harbor and opening a sea trade route with Gadgetstan and Booty Bay. Flamberge’s enchantment makes it easy to find the sword even through a blinding snowstorm. As soon as she touches the sword, Arya feels the power of fire course through her veins. At first she thought she was about to be incinerated but to her relief, the sword accepts her as its new owner. Angel is about to open a portal back to Stormwind when all three of them feel something powerful and ominous.They look south in time to see Sargeras’ Tomb has risen from the depths of the sea.

– Meanwhile, the forces of the Alliance and the Horde marshall their forces to meet the Legion in battle at the Broken Shore, which is itself on the recently rediscovered Broken Isles. Varian Wrynn leads the Alliance Vanguard alongside Sylvanas Windrunner, who leads the Horde Vanguard. After Varian finishes penning a personal letter to Anduin, the Legion begin to attack the advancing forces. Sylvanas, who’d been assisting with Orgrimmar’s defense during the campaign in Draenor orders her troops to assist the Alliance in combat. Despite a rough landing, the Alliance and the Horde manage to establish separate positions on the Broken Shore for the push to shut down the Legion’s firm presence on Azeroth.

– The Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade arrive with the first wave of reinforcements. Highlord Jamiy Ambrose leads the Argent Crusade while Highlord Abyssion Highwind leads the Ebon Blade, the latter of which moved Acherus to the Broken Isles. “If the rumors are to be believed, the Ebon Blade recently stumbled upon something powerful.” Jamiy says to Abyssion. “Not something, Highlord.” Abyssion replies as Aurabolt and Fomortiis emerge from Acherus. “Someone would be more accurate.”

– Arya, Serdic, Ein, Torika and many other heroes who fought on Draenor, Pandaria and Northrend arrive with the second and third waves of reinforcements. Everyone came knowing it was very likely few, if any of them would return alive from the hell they were about to face. Many of them were recently married, have a baby on the way or have young children. Before leaving for the Broken Shore, they spoke to their families with the assumption they would not be returning at all. For many, they go to fight an enemy unlike any they have ever faced before: The Legion can’t be reasoned with and has no sense of morals. Their sole purpose and reason for being is the extermination of all.

– In the intense fighting that follows, the Alliance and the Horde push deep into the heart of the Legion War Machine…exactly as Gul’dan planned. Jamiy and Abyssion get pinned down by a powerful demon trying to save some of their men. Their efforts are wasted when Legion reinforcements cut down their forces–and then cut off their retreat. “Hmph…it looks like we’ll be joining the rest of them soon.” Jamiy says to Abyssion, referring to Tirion Fordring and Darion Mograine as he channels The Light into Ashbringer. “You, maybe.” Abyssion replies as he channels Runic Power into his Greatsword of the Ebon Blade and raises their dead allies as ghouls. “There’s only one place one of the damned can go after their second death.” Two of the greatest heroes on Azeroth fall in battle but not before wiping out the nest of demons that would have easily overrun the Alliance and the Horde.

– Witnessing her father’s death from aboard Acherus causes Lillina, who is heavily pregnant with her fourth child to snap. She grabs a Skeletal Gryphon and flies down to the Broken Shore to avenge him.

– Aurabolt, Fomortiis, Myrmid, Arya and her secondborn brother Alton (Mage) are the first to reach Gul’dan. The Warlock summons a massive demon, which the family easily takes down. Fomortiis uses the massive demon as a distraction to flank Gul’dan. Before he can strike, a pair of demons ambush him. “Did you think I didn’t notice you, Demon Hunter?” Gul’dan taunts as he teleports behind a phalanx of demons. He then summons even more demons to attack all of them. Realizing they will have to choose between Gul’dan and shutting down the massive portal before them, they decide to switch targets to the massive demon portal. Aurabolt and Fomortiis draw Gul’dan’s attention while Myrmid and the others shut down the portal. The strategy works: Gul’dan is caught off guard and is finally cornered.

– Lillina arrives in time to see her former master preparing to finish the Warlock off. “Allow me that honor with my father’s sword.” she tells him, brandishing her father’s sword. Thinking a moment, the Demon Hunter nods and takes a step back. This momentary pause gives Gul’dan just enough time to touch Lillina’s belly. “Thank you for coming all this way, Titanborn.” He says as he releases Fel Magic into her unborn child. Fomortiis tries to strike but Gul’dan teleports away at the last second. Everyone watches as the Fel Magic Gul’dan hit Lillina with along with her own Fel Magic are forcefully expelled from her body and explode in the skies above them, wiping out the airborne demons.

– As another wave of demons arrive, Aurabolt summons his Celestial Steed but realizes three of them will have to be sacrificed so the others can escape. Myrmid tells him she will stay behind and fight to the end with him this time. Fomortiis tells Lillina it would seem The Legion viewed her as a threat to their interests for Gul’dan to try to do to her what Sargeras did to Aegwynn. He theorizes Gul’dan’s efforts simply drove all of the Fel Magic in her body out of her and she is no longer a Warlock. Fomortiis muses only someone who personally knows The Titans would be able to tell her why he called her a “Titanborn”. Myrmid tells her daughter she wants her to live a full life just like she did. Arya tells her this would be her last battle for a while, for she is pregnant! Alton tells his father he will go to Dalaran to search for a way to drive the Legion from their world. The children depart as the next wave of demons converges on their position.

– The Alliance Vanguard arrives to find the broken bodies of Aurabolt and Myrmid. Varian is stunned, having just learned Jamiy and Abyssion fell in battle. Fomortiis, who survived the slaughter tells Varian he’ll live but is in no condition to fight. At the very least, they managed to completely destroy the portal. It will take some time for Gul’dan to rebuild it. Varian orders medics to get him aboard the gunship for evac while he presses forward. The Horde, who were fighting on the ridge above them suddenly withdraws from their position and leaves the Alliance pinned down and exposed by the Legion. Left with no other options, Varian sounds the retreat. Gul’dan summons a massive demon to stop their retreat and nearly succeeds. Varian sacrifices himself so the others can escape but he doesn’t die alone: Aurabolt, who was believed dead uses the last ounce of his strength to destroy the demons around him with a blast of the Holy Light.

– When the Horde Vanguard arrived, they were quickly pinned down by the Legion and on the verge of being routed. Warchief Vol’Jin is struck down and urges Sylvanas and Aslanoch to keep the Horde alive. Sylvanas sounds the retreat while Aslanoch covers their escape, ensuring the Legion does not follow them. When a giant demon suddenly appears, Aslanoch realizes he will have to stay behind to buy their forces time to escape and gives Lorthe’mar Theron his crown to give to his oldest daughter Verina: He won’t be coming back. His sister Sissnei (Priest) stands by his side, saying his daughter will do a fine job leading their people. Sylvanas looks on in quiet contemplation from the last ship as Aslanoch and Sissnei fall to the Legion.

– The Alliance mourns The Fallen Lion, Varian Wrynn. Many heroes were lost at the Broken Shore but none more decorated than their former King. Arya and Alton lost both of their parents at the Broken Shore but like King Anduin, they were grown. There were countless children who would soon get tbe news their parents would not be coming back. She stayed with Fomortiis, the man who turned out to be her uncle during the flight back to Stormwind. Now recovering in the castle, Fomortiis tells her Lillina may be key to ending the Legion’s threat to their world. He urges her to find his former student and help her in any way she can.

– The Horde mourns the death of Vol’Jin, who died shortly after returning to Orgrimmar. With his final words, he names Sylvanas Windrunner the new Warchief. Sylvanas vows to avenge Vol’Jin and everyone else who died fighting the Legion. Verina, who led the Horde withdrawal from the Broken Shore is floored when Lorthe’mar tells her she is now Queen of the Sindorei. She never imagined she would become Queen of her people but given the circumstances, it is a role she grimly accepts as her birthright. Her first order is to send her new General, Lorthe’mar to the Storm Peaks to recover a bow her mother hid there during the War in the North for her younger brother, Tibarn (Hunter).

– Dexterose, Damien, Thassarian and Kolitra meet on Acherus. With Abyssion dead, the Ebon Blade will need a new leader. Damien nominates Dexterose to become their new leader with the title of Deathlord. If not for her daring suicide mission into the Twisting Nether, the losses suffered at the Broken Front would have been a full route. Without Fomortiis, the Legion would have overrun their world by now. Right after Thassarian and Kolitra voice their support, the four Death Knights hear a voice they never thought they’d hear: The Lich King’s. Intrigued, the Ebon Blade withdraws from the Broken Isles and heads for Northrend.

– The Argent Crusade and the Silver Hand are devastated by the losses of Highlord Ambrose and the Ashbringer. Serdic and Celes, who’d returned with the Silver Hand from the Broken Shore ask Celes’ brother Manthony (Paladin) to become the new Highlord. The other leaders voice their agreement. Manthony accepts the nomination but first, they will need to return to The Broken Shore and recover the Ashbringer. Only with the legendary sword will they stand a chance against the Burning Legion.


…There ya go.

Like the other outlines, this is merely the sequence of events. There are ALOT of details I am leaving out on purpose. I need to give you a reason to read the finished products after all!

I’m still working on the outline for this one but the second Legion-based story is called Rise of the Titanborn. It’s a bit more open-ened like The Draenor Campaign was.


Here is the outline so far:
– Lillina travels to Ulduar where she encounters Algalon the Obersever outside the facility. He tells her she is the first of seven Titanborn to have become aware of themselves. In their Infinite Wisdom, The Pantheon took certain steps when Sargeras fell to corruption to ensure their powers would be at the disposal of the mortal races whose world is threatened by The Burning Legion. Many mortals have had the potential but this is the first time a Titanborn as come into their own. Algalon explains this is why all the Fel Magic in her body is gone: When Gul’dan tried to attack her unborn child, her Titan abilities awakened to drive out the threat just like the mortal eaces have arisen again and again to drive back The Legion. She is still a mortal but she is now something more. Something far more powerful. Her first duty is to find the other six Titanborn. Now that her powers have awakened, she will be able to sense when they are nearby. Once they have all been found, the seven should go to The Hall of Origination in Uldum where he will await them.

– Arya, Paima (Druid) and Torika (Druid), who separately overheard their conversation make themselves known the two. Paima tells Lillina she long suspected her daughter had been blessed by a higher power and that her awakening as a Shaman confirmed this. Torika says Lillina and the other six Titanborn may be the key to getting rid of the Fel Corruption on Azeroth after the Legion has been dealt with. Arya tells Lillina she will join her on her quest. Even though they are both expecting, it would be to her advantage to travel with comrades. Lillina agrees and asks Torika to accompany her as well–The closest Titanborn happens to be a member of the Horde.

– Algalon interjects, saying it would be better for Lillina to wait until after she gives birth to begin her quest. The Legion will send their forces across Azeroth to find and kill all of the Titanborn. She would be at a disadvantage if she went into labor while under attack. That’s why Arya suggests they go to Lunarfall on Alternate Draenor. It’s safe from the Legion, who are slowly retreating from that world. Paima agrees with the suggestion before departing, saying she will see about sending a powerful friend to them.

– A week later, Fomortiis has recovered from his injuries and is preparing to leave Stormwind when he’s approached by Paima. She tells him his niece is safe and has met up with Lillina. They are keeping laying low at the Alliance Garrison on Alternate Draenor until Lillina gives birth. Then she tells him about what they learned from the Algalon. Fomortiis reveals he can see the energy only a Titanborn would contain and decides to seek out the locations of the other six. Once he has learned of their locations, he will meet up with Lillina’s group at Lunarfall. His travels takes him back to the Broken Shore. Fomortiis is surprised to see the area his brother died on was consecrated by the Light and the demons actively avoid the area. Warlocks were working to bring down the wall of light but it would clearly take some time for them to break through. In death, Aurabolt’s power would keep the Legion contained…at least for the time being.

– The Council of Exarchs are a little surprised to see Arya has returned to Draenor. Having just learned of Azeroth’s first loss to the Legion, they feared the worst. The group explains they traveled back to Draenor so Lillina can give birth, which is partly true. They decided not to tell their hosts about Lillina being a Titanborn. Paima and Lillina’s other children–Marcus (Monk), Ledah (Warrior) and Ushio (Shaman)–arrive at the Garrison. Paima told the children of their father’s demise at the Broken Shore and they were anxious to see their mother. Lillina gives birth to a daughter she names Edeni and decides to leave her in the care of Yrel.

– Fomortiis arrives as Lillina prepares to return to Azeroth. He found out where five of the other Titanborn were located: The one Lillina sensed is in fact a Blood Elf (Hunter) in Silvermoon City. Not only that, he is the younger brother of the Blood Elves’ new queen (!). The next Titanborn is a Worgen (Mage) being held captive by the Forsaken in the Ruins of Alterac. They will likely have to fight their way to his position and free him. The next Titanborn is a Dwarf (Warrior) stationed at the Searing Gorge/Loch Modan boarder. They find the wily soldier holding her own against the pocket of Demons threatening to pour into Dwarven Lands.

– The remaing two known Titanborn are on Kalimdor: The next Titanborn is a Night Elf (Death Knight) but there’s two problems: For one, He died on the Broken Front but fortunately his body was brought back to Darnassus. Second, the group decides the only way to bring the slain hero back is for him to be raised as a Death Knight. Hearing rumors the Ebon Blade suddenly moved to Icecrown Citadel, they decide to pay the Lich King a visit and meet the Ebon Blade’s new leader. The fifth Titanborn is a Tauren (Druid) who recently joined a vengeful Orc in his lifelong quest to eradicate the Quilboar of The Barrens. After helping the Orc find closure, their new ally reveals the Earthmother showed her a vision of what will happen to Azeroth if they fail in their mission even if the Legion is driven away. Failure is not an option.

– With no solid leads on the remaining Titanborn, the group travels to Uldum to meet up with Algalon. They are surprised when Algalon says they have all been found: The sixth and final Titanborn is actually Arya’s unborn child (!). Algalon explains he did not say anything before because then its powers would have become active just like it was for Lillina. Once the child is born, they will need to use the Hall of Origination to accerate its growth to adulthood. Until then, it would be best to return to Alternate Draenor while two of the Titanborn remain with him to learn how to use the device that will be used. The group splits from there. Some stay behind with two of the Titanborn while the others go to Draenor.


…I’d say that’s enough.


The challenge I made for myself is making a list of my original characters who are (still) alive by the start of the second Worldbreaker story and then figuring out who dies between then and Broken Shore. I have an understanding of who needs to stay alive but when I thought about the Horde OCs I have yet to introduce in the earlier stories…yeah. It’s far less of an issue from the Alliance side since I’m obviously stronger in regards to writing from that faction’s perspective.It’s a challenge I happily accept, of course!

I don’t know WHEN I will get started on these as I will clearly have to finish The Worldbreaker Saga first. Now that I know what I will be doing for the rest of 2016, I’m fairly confident I can write the second Worldbreaker story–Burning Ambitions–later this year. It will be posted on AO3 as well.




A update on my Fanfics getting re-released

by brendan2k5

I will have to remember to add a link to my AO3 Profile in the next few days given the circumstances. Use that link for now. A new window will open. I made the account almost 10 years ago and kept putting off updating it.

Until now.

I just uploaded Chapters 2 and 3 of my Mad Max Fury Road fanfic. My completed fanfics will soon follow. I also plan to make ALL of my Fanfics available for download here as they are completed. They will be in PDF format to prevent tampering and also so folks will be able to download and read them on their smartphones and tablets.

For Chapter by Chapter updates, I will use AO3 for now. I tried a few things but couldn’t figure out a way to post Chapters without it being easy for someone to plagiarize. At least with PDF files you can disable the ability for someone to edit the text. I want to stress that my fanfics will still be offered free of charge. That said, I am taking these steps to ensure someone doesn’t take my work and then tries to sell it for money.

The upload process in regards to AO3 is going to take a while, likely a few months. Remember: I like to write LONG stories. The upload process will be done over time instead of all at once and I will upload the stories I finished first. At the same time, I will be working on the stories that are still in progress as well.

I can’t say when now but the following stories will be made available for download through this blog:

  • Pokemon Kanto: Team Rocket Version
  • Ah! Bundle of Joy! (Ah/Oh! My Goddess!)
  • Trauma Center: A Wonderful Life
  • Lillina and Fomortiis (Warcraft)
  • From the Depths of the Abyss (Warcraft)
  • Call of the Crusade (Warcraft)
  • Fall of the Lich King (Warcraft)
  • Torrent of Destiny (Warcraft)

…All of them are fanfics I actually finished and feel good about making available once again. The list of stories I am currently working on is at least twice as long. The stories I plan to write is almost three times as much.

Since I will no longer post my work on, I will be relying on social media to spread the word about my Fanfics. Namely Facebook and Tumblr. I like to say my work speaks for itself. Now that I am taking direct control of promoting my fanfics, this should making getting the word out a bit easier.


All Stories Have Been Stolen?!

by brendan2k5

I was browsing one of my Facebook Fan Fiction Groups when the link to this blog caught my attention. After reading it, I’m fucking pissed. Not at the thieves but at the admins of FFnet. There needs to be hell to pay for this. Given it’s been widely reported FFnet’s sister site Fictionpress has had work archived there stolen and resold elsewhere–usually by the original authors themselves–we should expect the same response with this as there was with Fictionpress: Nothing done.

I am done.

I just finished pulling all of my shit off I’m a man of my word. I’ve replaced the first chapter some of my work on FFnet for the night in an effort to warn other writers and readers. Not expecting a revolution but those who can appreciate the gravity of the situation certainly will.

Let me break this down for those who “don’t get it”, “aren’t worried” or just “don’t care”:

  • The mirror sites perfectly copy every single story on FFnet in real time. Stories updated on FFnet are instantly updated on the mirror sites as well. Even worse, these sites are riddled with malware AND they are paid sites. The original authors have NO CLUE their work is not only being stolen as they update it
  • For those who don’t know, Fan Fiction is classified as derrivative work in the United States. It’s basically a loophole that protects those who write and publish Fan Fiction of any kind from being prosecuted by the copyright holders, usually under the stipulation it’s not sold for money.
  • There is massive gray area in this regard as Fan Fiction is granted the same protections other forms of writing have everywhere else. For example you can legally publish Fan Fiction in most of Europe, Japan and China. They don’t differentiate between Fan Fiction and Fiction: It’s Fiction and that’s all that matters.

The third point is the biggest reason to give a fuck if you have anything published on (or Fictionpress). It doesn’t matter if it’s something you don’t give a fuck about anymore from 10 years ago: Can you honestly tell me you’re ok with someone else making money off your work without your knowledge or permission?

I sure as hell am not. Hence why I pulled all my stories off FFnet both finished and in progress. The admins of FFnet already have a good idea of how I feel on the subject. I feel pulling my work sends a strong message to both them and the mirror sites.

Later this week, I will provide an update on when you can expect to start seeing my stories on Archive of Our Own (AO3). That isn’t the only method I will make my stories past and present availab;e: You will be able to read them ALL in full here. I will post the completed stories first, then the ones still in progress. I expect the process to take about a week.

More info will come later this week. Stay tuned.

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