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I’ve really, REALLY neglected this blog in recent years

by brendan2k5

Before yesterday, I hadn’t updated this blog in almost 3 years. I’m talking almost a year before the Pandemic.

Those of you who follow most of my other blogs can probably guess I got so busy working on them. Since I was already taking a hiatus from writing fan fiction, it was kinda natural that this one would not get updated anywhere near as much as most of my other 11 blogs.

Those weren’t the only reasons. I actually lost the use of my last working computer in early 2020. Thankfully, I have since gotten not one but three working computers–a desktop and two laptops–as well as a 5TB External Hard Drive and a few enclosures, effectively making it impossible for me to suffer data loss EVER (at least hopefully not for the rest of my life). I STILL have data files for stories I wrote or drafted literally 20 years ago. I don’t dare rely on Cloud Storage for anything and more so after my experiences with Photobucket over the last 24 years. I’ll only use Cloud Storage like Google Drive to have an extra copy but local storage gets priority for the sake of control in short.

It wasn’t until about 18 months ago when I got my first enclosures that I knew for sure that I would no longer have data storage issues. My attention then turned to replacing my broken computers. I got two laptops in 2020 and a desktop in late 2021 but it was only in recent months that I was able to get things configured in the ways that I needed and wanted to. Now I am very pleased to announce that I am going to start writing again soon.


…Before that, I first need to update this blog.


Moving forward, WordPress and AO3 will be the main platforms I post my work on. I cut my ties with Fan back in 2016 after 14 years. I will no longer post new work there BUT since it’s been asked for, I will be bring the old stories from 15+ years ago that were posted there back to I think that’s a pretty fair compromise. New stories will be dual posted here in the section I already set up as well as AO3. The best place to keep track of news and updates is and will be here on this blog!





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Looks like the Fan Fiction medium is finally respected in North America

by brendan2k5

And I mean overall, not just by those who know of it.

There definitely has been a paradigm shift in recent years in regards to of Fan Fiction. At the very least, more people know about it in general. For those not old enough to know or remember, Fan has been around for over 20 years. Back in the early days of the internet, that website was basically the only place to find Fan Fiction spanning various mediums and fandoms. Today, we have a number of choices including Archive of Our Own (AO3), Wattpad and most obviously, Social Media platforms like WordPress, Tumblr and Xanga.


There’s also the fact a growing number of celebrities and established authors have publicly admitted they read fan fiction. Between that and the financial success of the Twilight Fanfic 50 Shades of Grey, we Fanfic writers are no longer considered deviants by the literary communirt. This is to say nothing of the fact most FanFic writers also write original work as well.


Honestly, Fan fiction should be encouraged in schools. You want kids to have an interest in literature and reading? Teach them how to write Fan fiction. that’s a pretty solid opening and it will lead to an interest in writing original work as well as Nonfiction of course.




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Before I forget, yes I am on Twitter

by brendan2k5

Image result for Twitter and WordPress

If you already follow me on Twitter, you’ll see this same post and another one multiple times since I posted them on ALL of my WordPress blogs at once.

I’ll keep this one short, though. Assuming you’re reading this first from WordPress, my Twitter handle is @LaVonDavis617. Feel free to Direct Message me on Twitter if you’d like–I only recently found out what and how to DM on that note–and I’ll get back to you when I can.

The easiest way to get in touch with me without knowing my phone number is via Google Hangouts or iMessage. I have an Android Phone but I also have an iPad. I can text an iPhone as long as I know the number but if you wanted to text my iPad first, you will need to know my iCloud Email. It’s the same with Google Hangouts, which requires either an Android Phone number or a Gmail account.

  • My iCloud is
  • My Gmail is

…My iPad is Wi-Fi only but I’m pretty good at getting back to people fairly quickly. This way, everyone has at least 3 different ways to get in touch with me. Of course, you can also just email me if you want.

One last thing: I am in need of Donations. Use the link below if you’re able and willing to donate!

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I like to be consistent in what I do and say

by brendan2k5

Image result for Covered Bridge


When I first launched this blog 7 years ago, it was meant to be a backup to my old website Serene I never would have imagined back then that I would have gone on to make 10–soon to be 11–more blogs on WordPress. I spent almost $500 on just operating costs with my original website over an 8 year period. I was able to do WAY more than that for free these past 7 years with WordPress.

My personal life has been in limbo over the last three–no, five–years in particular. Even so, I have learned a lot over the last 3 years I have been unemployed. My work as an Independent Consultant is a new venture I started late last year. I’ve got some big aspirations but I am also realistic. I know my limitations but I don’t think that disqualifies me from needing and wanting to make some big life changes.

Priority #1 is being able to support myself financially. To that end, I decided to start a Consulting Firm. Of course it’s not currently licensed or registered but that will change once I have the money to make it happen. At the same time, I am still looking for employment. The money I do make as an Independent Consultant isn’t much and isn’t consistent enough to really be considered income. I can’t even report it for tax purposes or I would have already.

This is something I have been saying to the people I’ve met in the last few years a lot lately: People have learned to love things and use people when it should be the other way around. You’re not rich until you have something money can’t buy. I have no interest in being rich or famous. Doing things for others makes me happy at the end of the day. At the same time, I am far more likely to go out of my way for someone who I know will appreciate the help I provide.

Every time I get a Like for one of my blog posts, I know someone appreciated the effort I put into it as well as the content. I have written almost 1,000 articles across my 11 blogs. I took my time putting every single one of them together.

For almost two years now, you’ve seen this at the end of every article:

If you have enjoyed this post or other posts I have made on this blog, please consider making a monetary donation via PayPal. Whatever amount you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

…To date, no donations have come in since I started including this in my posts across all of my blogs. I am now asking those who have especially come to enjoy my postings no matter how long it’s been to please donate. Without going into all the details, I need the help. If you’re able donate but want to talk to me first, you can email me at

Get To Know FanFicDiva

by FanFicDiva

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re wondering who has the nerve to proclaim themselves a “FanFicDiva“. Can’t say that I’d blame you. It’s actually just a moniker, though – because I am anything but Divaesque I seriously try very hard (yes, I used very) to save the drama for fic writing because I strive to keep things pretty chill. Emotional flotsam and other machinations are for baddies, not for my real life.

I’m certainly not internet famous, just opinionated AF. One of my greatest joys is being a “Fic Whisperer”. What…?  That simply means that I think outside the box to help others tweak their writing. I’m detail oriented in a somewhat wonky, but creative way. And, since I already know what’s in the box, there’s no use retreading that ground because my muse has a bazillion more ideas.

I got started writing Fan Fiction because my voice simply wasn’t represented in fandom. So, I created a woman who isn’t me – but, could represent the best of me and women like me.  I do admit to having a favorite Original Character that I enjoy writing, and she’s had quite a few adventures in ficland. She’s kinda awesome. She actually gets marriage proposals. 

Enough about me. Being Co-Author in this space is a new challenge and my hope is to bring interesting content and conversations written by me, and others I’ve met in my travels. 

My credited work can be found on WattPad:

My Credited Works – WattPad

And,  let’s not forget this scrumptious little truffle:

The Hump Day Collection – Erotic Fan Fiction

Also on AO3:

AO3 Works by MizUndahStood

Introducing FanFicDiva as a Co-Author of the blog!

by brendan2k5

Three months back, I added a Co-Author to my Anime Blog. This afternoon, FanFicDiva has accepted my offer to be a co-Author of this blog.

She took the time to let me know that she has a bit of…notariety in the world of Fan Fiction as both an author and a critic. I did look into that and have determined it’s not enough to prevent me from trusting her as as a Co-Author of this blog on all things Fan Fiction. FanFicDiva brings alot of interesting things to the blog and just when I was brainstorming new ideas moving forward. As a bonus, that means more articles from this blog in general as well.

I have full confidence in her writing skills. I have given her the freedom and autonomy to write whatever’s on her mind FanFiction related. Things will certainly become more lively around here ^_^


These Marvel and DC Movies got me thinking of bringing back crossovers with my own Super Factions

by brendan2k5

The Avengers Movieverse has dominated the box office and now the Justice League is finally getting in on the fun. Once upon a time, I actually had my own original Super Factions in my old Serene Adventure series: The Guardian Sages and the Force Lords. I’m bringing them back in the new Serene Adventure Sagas of course. Members of both factions appeared in a Tales of Symphonia Fanfic I wrote about 10 years ago. I LOVED it but it wasn’t well-received on The reason cited, which I agreed with was my original characters were Mary Sue compared to the cannon cast and they were also ridiculously overpowered. I’m doing a full reset of the Serene Adventure cast as it is but for more on that, see my Fiction Press blog.

Anyway moving on. I definitely WILL bring back my own stable of original characters to Fan Fiction but I will be much more careful of what fandoms I use them in and how I use them. I mentioned The Avengers and The Justice League Movie-verses because those are universes I think I’ll have alot more freedom in regards to my Super Factions.

The Guardian Sages and the Force Lords are rival factions that generally avoid directly fighting each other. When they do go at it, destruction is guaranteed. Both factions are made up of races from several planets.

Guardian Sages: Humans (Earth), Kyomorians (Kyomora), Pangeans (Pangaea) and Tyorians (formerly called Neo Sapiens, Emeral Eden).

Kyomora and Pangaea are in the same star system. In fact, they used to be one planet at one time before a Goddess split it in two. Kyomorians as a race value strength, valor in combat and martial prowess. Pangeans as a race value widsom, strategy and ingenuity. Their worlds were separated by a Goddess when a third faction–born from the union of Kyogeans and Pangeans–became a threat to their world. Both races have technology advanced enough to create portals that lead to infinite dimensions and universes. Theirs is viewed as one of many that exist or could exist.

Tyorians are an ancient, nomadic race that has traveled across the universe for thousands of years until recently. The ascention of Eve Frost to becomnig Queen of her people has seen the Tyorians choose Emerald Eden to permanently settle as a people. The queen has sent messengers to the four corners of the universe to spread word of their peoples’ new homeworld.

Force Lords: Nephillim (Endora), Kyogeans (New Kyogea), Decarians and Eronians (formerly called Decarian Cyborgs, Decarion and Mortica).

Nephilim are beings born to a human and an angel or demon. They are feared by humans due to their powers and longevity and are viewed as an abomination by the divine. Until recently, they lived in isolated communities across Earth. The rise of Abyssion Highwind–the oldest and most powerful Nephilim–has seen them settle on a planet of their own.

The Decarians were once a proud, highly advanced people who believed in pushing to be more than they were. The advent of Biolgical Automatization–the process of merging one’s consciousness with technology–led them to believe that they had achieved immortality as a race. That all changed when a error in the coding for the transfer process reduced their population from 10 Billion to 10 Million: Everyone who’d undergone the transfer would have the bodies they left behind reanimate as zombies with a will of their own. High Executor Qwerty–the first Decarian to undergo the transfer process–led the survivors to Mortica, a nearby planet that had been terraformed and recently colonized for them. Researchers have since developed a vaccine to protect the survivors living Decarians and robotic Decarians, called Eronians.

Kyogeans are born from the union of a Kyogean and a Pangean. Thousands of years ago, the rapid rise of the Kyogeans threatened the balance of power with the Kyomorians and Pangeans. To prevent war, a Goddess sealed the Kyogeans in another dimension and split the Kyogeans and Pangeans on separate planets. Fate is a funny thing, however. Led by their Eternal Champion Wesler Azzin, the Kyogeans refused to be denied and shattered the seal that bound them, invading both Kyomora and Pangea. The Guardian Sages ultimately stopped them but allowed them to leave to settle on a world of their own.

…That’s prettymuch an overview of the non-human members of both factions. I’m thinking of doing two crossover fanfics. The premise for both involves the Guardian Sages and Force Lords traveling to the Justice League and Avengers Movieverses.


  • The Justice League will be paired with the Force Lords. At one time, LexCorp secretly researched interdimensional gateways. After his invasion force is defeated by the Justice League, Darkseid learns of the LexCorps’s old project. Combining it with his own knowledge, his researchers crack the code and tear open a portals to Endora, New Kyogea and Mortica. Darkseid manipulates Abyssion Highwind, Wesler Azzin and High Executor Qwerty into invading the Earth of that universe by telling them of the powerful warriors who serve as its protectors.
  • The Avengers + X-Men will be paired with the Guardian Sages. Driven away by the X-Men and The Avengers, Apocalypse and Thanos meet by chance and decide to work together. Recognizing the combined threat to their world, Professor Xavier and Magneto meet with Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in Stark Tower. While there, Bruce Banner tests a new invention that opens portals to Kyomora, Pangea, Emerald Eden and a version of Earth not unlike theirs. The timely arrival of Ted Marshall, Midas Kyomora, Altrius Serdic and Eve Frost breaks a siege on the tower.


…As a reminder, this is based on the Movieverses. Not the comic books or any other sources. Certain characters who are either dead or weren’t there have been added to the story though. For example, the Professor X in this story is the one from the first X-Men Trilogy. Same with Wolverine, Laura (X-23 in the comic. She’s Wolverine’s biological daughter), Jean Grey and Cyclops. For those who are wondering yes, Deadpool will make an appearance as well. Should be interesting.

I don’t know when I will write these stories but probably not for another year or two maybe. We’ll see ^_^


My thoughts on the imfamous Harry Potter Fanfic My Immortal author Tara Gilesbie

by brendan2k5

Before I begin, I want to state for the record I only just learned the existence of this fanfic Thursday morning. For those who don’t know, the internet has dubbed Tara Gilesbie’s My Immortal the worst fanfic ever written. Given it’s based on Harry Potter and all the characters are goth vampires, that alone is enough for me to know it’s not worthy of my time. Personally, I have zero interest in anything Harry Potter so…yeah. Just not my thing. For that reason, my personal belief is the universal opinions of My Immortal’s popularity is due to how massively the HP Fandom is.

Moving on.

I actually skimmed through a copy of the first chapter of the original story and can say I’ve written far worse myself. That said, it’s obvious that at the time it was  wrtitten, it was never meant to actually be taken seriously. That’s why I can say beyond reasonable doubt The internet got this one wrong in regards to worst story ever. I’ve seen far worse out there and even written a few myself that could contend. LOL.

Anyway, I want to comment on the bizarre recent bit of information that has come out regarding the author: Apparently, the author recently revealed she wrote the Crackfic on purpose to get the attention of her brother. A brother she claimed to not have seen in years because they had been separated in foster care.

The problem: The same brother recently publicly came forward and set the record straight. Everything she said about her reasons for writing it was a complete and utter lie. They don’t see each other much but it’s mostly her doing, likely to make her sob story seem authentic. The timing couldn’t have been worse for her: Upon learning from the very brother she mentions in a planned memoir she lied, her publisher cancelled the book. The author has other published works on that note.

The crazy thing about this is despite being outed, the author insists she’s telling the truth. The REAL truth everyone really knows? She’s an attention whore. Nothing more or less. Once she learned The Internet dubbed her story the worst Fanfic ever, she ran with it. Now she got herself in a lose-lose situation. She’s screwed either way. See, if she admits she lied about prettymuch everything, it hurts her cred as a writer and an author. If she sticks to her original story, she has to keep lying to everyone including herself. She clearly has issues and it’s unfortunately she’s chosen to keep this facade going instead of quietly disappearing.

…”Worst Fanfic Ever?” No. The internet made the wrong person famous is what it is. LOL.


My silence is always for a good reason

by brendan2k5


I considered not writing this but after having to deal with a certain rude, inconsiderate and impatient fan of one of my stories a few months ago, I’ve decided to write this to shed some light on where I’m at personally.

Without going into too much detail, I left my job of 10 years in September 2016 after a long leave of absence. It wasn’t an easy decision on my part, more so given I didn’t have another job lined up. On top of that I have been dealing with mild Depression related to my former job and other things for the last few years. My work situation had been a mess since 2014 so my exit last year was just a formality.

To clarify I resigned, I wasn’t fired. I left of my own free will and have no regrets about it. Of course, the problem is I haven’t had income since then. I came upon some money in the last two months. It wasn’t much, it certainly didn’t last very long and I knew I would need to secure a new source of income. Again without going into detail, I have been working on a few things to turn my situation around. Nothing solid yet but securing a new source of income is priority for me right now.
…This brings me to an incident that privately happened between me and a fan of one of my stories. Some you may remember my Clannad Fanfics when they were on Speaking of, most of you should recall why I removed all of my work from both and its sister site Fictionpress early last year. The person I literally had to tell off was a fan of my Clannad fanfic in progress titled On the Verge of Tears. He followed the previous story Clannad: A Wonderful Life when it was on as well as the sequel when I started posting it. Then I pulled all my work off that site early last year for reasons I explained in a separate blog post but I won’t digress further.

Getting to the point, this fan had a problem with the fact I hadn’t put the chapters I’d written and finished so far from On the Verge of Tears on the website Archive Of Our Own (AO3) as I said I would eventually do. That’s it. Guy messages me on a few months ago to whine about the fact I hadn’t posted the completed chapters yet. I politely explained my situation and he blows me off saying I need to post what I finished so far “since it’s been so long”. That pissed me off and I let him know it’s my call to make. He retorts saying “It can’t be hard to upload 30MB worth of content” and that’s when I let him have it, literally telling him to fuck off. The audacity of this self-centered prick demanding I post a chapter just to make him happy.

Yeah, no.

I’ve been writing fan fiction for literally 20 years. I turned 33 last month. This message is advice to those who are either thinking of picking up writing or have started writing: That isn’t constructive criticism. That’s a textbook example of the Instant Gratification Mentality that’s rampant in today’s society.

Don’t EVER see someone demanding you update when they say so for anything other than impatience and self-entitlement. If you have shit going on in your life, that always comes first. Sure, writing is a great way to relieve stress. Yes, it’s great if you have dedicated fans and followers. It’s NOT ok for people to attack you for having priorities. I will be the first to admit I have been pissed off reading a story that starts good only to find out the author either hasn’t updated it in literally YEARS or abandoned it.

That and this are two different things.

Fortunately–and I have two fellow writers to thank for giving me the idea–I storyboard all new fanfics I decide to write before the first chapter is written. This way, updating despite a large gap of time isn’t a problem for me. I can just look at my notes and go from there.

In the interests of ending this post on a positive note, I am looking into publishing some of my completed fanfics based on Anime, Manga and certain video games as eBooks. I did some research on the legalities last year. Fan Fiction authors are afforded certain protections when publishing stories based on certain Intellectual Properties (IPs for short). IPs based on most Anime, Manga and some video games (which I will discuss in a separate post) CAN be published as-is and you will not have to worry about being slapped with  lawsuit or anything. My publishing plans are probably a year away if I had to guess. I don’t have a particular story or stories in mind yet on that note.

More updates to come soon ^_^

Planning out a new Inuyasha Fanfic, I got a bit carried away

by brendan2k5

Go here to read the overview in full. That said, I swear I thought I posted this two months ago. LOL.

As you can see, I went over a huge chunk of the story in sordid detail. I have been doing this alot lately with my non-fanfic projects. I’ve started writing in that much detail for times like now: In the last few years, I have gone from as few as several weeks to as much as several years between when I update a particular story. In this way, the outline helps me remember the main direction I had in mind.

As will this post for Timeless Bonds. In addition to what the outline says, there will be other diviations from the canon. Here are many of the noteworthy ones, some of which I touched on already. Fair warning, Major Spoilers if you have not seen the entire anime including Final Act plus the third movie, Swords of an Honorable Ruler:

  • Inuyasha and Kikyo have twins together before Kikyo is killed and Inuyasha is sealed: A boy named Inukasha and a girl named Inukoro, or Kasha and Koro for short. Kasha takes after his mother and has strong spiritual powers while Koro takes after her father in appearance and strength. Naraku cursed Koro while she was still in the womb and she is born with a spider-shaped birthmark on her left wrist.
  • When Inuyasha is released, he decides to take the twins with them on the journey to recover the Sacred Jewel Shards. Like Kagome, Kasha’s strong spiritual powers allows him to sense when a jewel shard is nearby.
  • Shippo is a fully matured Kitsune when he joins the group. He falls head over heels in love with Koro at first sight. Koro, who knows little of romance is oblivious to his feelings for her.
  • It is revealed the twins can travel to the present just like their father can.
  • While Inuyasha was sealed, the Demon Sorceress Urasue revives Inutaisho in preparation of her main goal of reviving Kikyo. She also revived him in the hopes of having leverage against Sesshomaru. The revival process is partially successful: Inutaisho is brought back but without most of the power he had in life. Urasue surmises he may have been reincarnated somewhere in the world and drives him out of her lair.
  • It doesn’t take long for the former Lord of the West to realize he’s been raised from the dead. Not wanting Sesshomaru to know, he disguises himself as a Rhonin by the name of Shotai and wanders the land to learn of how much the world has changed since he died. On his travels, he passes through Kikyo’s village and finds his soul pulling him toward Koro. He immediately realizes she is his reincarnation (!) and is even further shocked when he realizes she is also his granddaughter.
  • Inutaisho secretly meets with Jaken, Totosai and Kaede. Kaede, who only knew of him from reputation agrees to keep his return a secret from Inuyasha and his children. Jaken and Totosai also agree not to tell Sesshomaru of his father’s return.
  • Sango is a little older, married and has a young son named Saizo at the time she is introduced. When her village is destroyed, one of the villlagers manages to hide her son before being killed. When Sango joins the group, she leaves her son in Kaede’s care.
  • It’s revealed a moonless night is when Kasha’s spiritual powers are at their strongest due to the complete negation of his demon blood. For Koro, who hates being a half-demon she revels in becoming human even if just for a night.
  • When Kikyo is revived, the twins learn Inuyasha is their father. Kikyo also tells Inuyasha about the curse mark on Koro’s wrist.
  • When the group meets Naraku, he reveales he was the one who cursed Koro before she was born as leverage against Inuyasha: With Kikiyo gone he wants the next best thing.
  • The curse mark activates, causing Koro to turn on her friends and family. After Naraku is driven off she regains herself. Realizing she will be a danger to her friends and family, she leaves the group in fear.
  • Kasha and Sango seek out Kikyo, who Koro already found for clues on how to remove her curse mark. Kikyo says the only sure way to get rid of it is to kill Naraku himself. All she can do is suppress the curse mark for now but it will not hold if Naraku is nearby.
  • Shotai tells them about the Demon Sword Sounga. He’d been searching for it in secret in the hopes of giving it to Koro one day to master it but the sword’s location seems to have been lost over time. He tells Koro to find it before someone else does but warns it will test her worthiness once she does find it.
  • Shotai reveals his true identity to Kikyo once Sango and the twins depart for the village. The two decide to travel together. This will make it far easier for Kikyo to set her plans for Naraku’s destruction in motion.
  • Koharu (a minor character and acquaintance of Miroku’s from Season 2) joins the group after their encounter with Kanna. It turns out after the encounter, Koharu gained the ability to sense Naraku and his incarnations as well as read their abilities. Despite her lack of combat experience, the group reluctantly agrees her new power is too valuable to not make use of.
  • After Goshinki is ripped apart by Inuyasha, Sango takes some of his bones and uses them to make a halberd for Koharu while Inuyasha’s sword is repaired by Totosai.
  • During the incident with the Moth Demon and the Bandits, Koro is captured and Kasha is badly injured trying to rescue their father and Miroku from the demon’s cocoon. Everyone is shocked when Kasha’s demon blood takes over and he joins his father in the massacre that follows.
  • When father and son turn on each other, Koro steps in and helps Sesshomaru subdue them. Unlike Inuyasha, Kasha’s demon blood will only activate when his life is in danger and will lose its effect once all threats to him are eliminated or he dies, whichever happens first.
  • After Inuyasha defeats Ryukotsusei, Kasha challenges him to a duel. Inuyasha accepts but not to the death. Despite being injured and exhausted from his earlier battle, Inuyasha wins the duel but just barely. After the battle, Kasha explains the reason he wanted to fight him was so he could safely test his newly awakened demonic powers. His father is less than thrilled to know he’d been used as a test subject despite winning.
  • Sesshomaru walks in on Kagura’s meeting with Tsubaki. “All that awaits you if you ally yourself with Naraku is destruction.” He tells Tsubaki before walking off.
  • Later when Kagome breaks Tsubaki’s curse, Sesshomaru encounters Kikyo and Shotai. Kikyo asks Sesshomaru if he would have stepped in to stop the Dark Priestess from killing Inuyasha but he declines, saying he already warned Tsubaki about Naraku.
  • Sesshomaru later catches up to Tsubaki and convinces her to join him, saying challenging Inuyasha again would be certain death. It is through Tsubaki Sesshomaru learns for the first time Kikyo was pregnant by Inuyasha 50 years ago. It is then that he realizes Kasha and Koro are in fact his nephew and niece.
  • When Shippo is challenged by Soten of the Thunder Demon Tribe, he is impressed by her beauty and falls in love with her. By the time the others catch up to him, the two have decided to get married once peace has be brought to the land. In the meantime, Soten joins the group wielding the power of lightning.
  • Kagome returns to the present, bringing Koro with her. While in the present, Koro finds Sounga in a box sealed in the shrine and brings it back to the Feudal Era. Those plans are put on hold as the others are dealing with the reincarnated Onigumo.
  • When Onigumo sees Inuyasha, Kasha and Koro together, he remembers what happened 50 years earlier. Without realizing it, he was the one who cursed Koro while she was still in the womb. This enrages Kasha, who activates his demonic powers. Everyone is surprised as this is the first time Kasha is fighting using both Divine Power and Demonic Energy at the same time.
  • Even with his new powers, Kasha is unable to land the finishing blow and Kagura flees with Onigumo. Naraku catches up with the two some distance away and makes a deal with Onigumo: In exchange for not returning to his body, he must seek out the remaining Jewel Shards. Of course, Onigumo has no choice but to accept the offer.
  • After the group encounters Shiori, the destruction from their battle with the Bat Demon Tribe leaves the coastal village in shambles. Because of the damage, they are kicked out of the village. Sango, Shippo and Soten offer to take them to the village where Jinenji and his mother live but Shiori asks to accompany Inuyasha on his travels. Although the crystal was destroyed, she still has the power to create barriers. Shiori’s mother reluctantly leaves the decision to Inuyasha. Seeing himself in her a little, he decides to allow her to join the group for the time being.
  • The group splits up from here: Inuyasha, Kagome, Koro and Kasha return to Kaede’s village to unseal Sounga. Sango, Kirara, Shiori, Shippo and Soten escort Shiori’s mother. Miroku, Koharu and Hatchin travel to Sango’s Village. While they are there, Miroku and Koharu decide to talk to Sango later about rebuilding the village.
  • Back in Kaede’s village, Koro is having a tough time bending Sounga to her will. The sudden and unexpected arrival of Sesshomaru changes things as both Tenseiga and Tetsusaiga resonate together, helping Koro restrain Sounga’s power.
  • Sesshomaru asks Koro where she heard of Sounga and she mentions Shotai. He immediately realizes who he really is.
  • Inutaisho and Kikyo make their presence known right then. What they didn’t know is Inutaisho and Kikyo had been watching with Kaede, Koga, Ayame and Miyoga from a distance. Inutaisho commends Koro for binding the sword to her will. He also admonishes his sons for working together for the first time as brothers.
  • Kaede notes this is the first time three generations of the dog demon tribe have been together. When the others arrive, information is exchanged.
  • Sango agrees with Miroku’s proposal that her village be used as their headquarters, more so given how large their group has become. Its remote location will also make it easy to defend once it’s rebuilt. To the surprise of everyone, Inutaisho offers to take point on turning the village into a fortress. “Out of everyone here, I am the only one whose existence our foes are unaware of.”  he reasons. His kinfolk agree though he reminds them since he’s technically dead, Sesshomaru is the head of their clan now.
  • Koga and Sesshomaru decide to focus on tracking down Naraku and combine their forces. Sesshomaru considers sending Rin to Sango’s village with his father but decides against it since she wants to travel with him.
  • Koga sends his friends with Inutaisho, asking them to help him get the village ready. Ayame objects, offering to go instead. When Koga asks why, she reveals she’s pregnant.
  • At the same time, Koharu tells Miroku the same news. She meant to tell him before but never had the chance to tell him. The problem is he has developed feelings towards Sango. The two decide it’s best for her to go to Sango’s village with Inutaisho and the others.
  • Kasha and Shippo decide to go to Sango’s Village to help get things set up. As the first village made for humans, demons and half-demons it would be helpful to have a few folks there to help organize things. Once things are set up, they’ll catch up with the others.
  • Kikyo decides to remain in the village for a little longer to research a means of defeating Naraku. Much to her surprise, Tsubaki offers to join her in her research. Having worked for Naraku for a time, she was able to learn much about him. Kikyo reluctantly accepts her rival’s assistence.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome decide to continue their search for the remaining jewel shards. Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Soten, Shiori and Koro travel with them.

….This spans what would be the first 3 seasons of the Anime. This will also be one book. I have at least two more books planned as well. The second book opens with the Panther Tribe War. The premise is also slightly different: The Panther Tribe ambushes the group going to Sango’s village and captures Inutaisho. They use him as leverage to get Sesshomaru to commit to war with them.

At the time I drafted this, I was in the middle of watching Season 3 of the Anime. Hence the obvious markers. In a bid to keep the number of OCs low, I instead repurposed known minor characters rather than make a bunch of new ones. Here’s some noteworthy changes for support characters and some of the minor characters who now have recurring roles:

  • Sango: She’s a little older and has a young son named Saizo. Her husband is killed when their village is razed so she leaves her son in the care of Kaede’s Village.
  • Shippo: He’s a fully matured Kitsune this time around. He falls in love with Koro but the feelings are not returned. He later agrees to marry Soten of the Thunder Tribe.
  • Soten: Much older this time around. After learning her kinfolk were felled by Shippo, she decides to challenge him to a duel. That was before she met him in person. After fighting each other into a stalemate for 3 days and 3 nights, the two call a truce and decide to marry later.
  • Kikyo: Kasha and Kora’s mother. Not as jealous of Kagome as she is in the original series since she’s more concerned about her daughter.
  • Inutaisho: Dead in the original series. He’s rezzed by Urasue and Inukoro is his reincarnation. Aside from what’s listed above, Inutaisho is nowhere near as powerful as he was in life since his granddaughter inherited his vast power. He’s still stronger than Inuyasha, though. Prior to being reunited with his sons, he goes by the name Shotai.
  • Koharu: A minor character from Season 2 and an acquaintence of Miroku’s. She is revealed to have the ability to sense when Naraku or one of his incarnations are nearby as well as read their abilities. She gained these powers after her encounter with Kanna. Despite her lack of combat experience, the group decides to let her join the group on their travels.
  • Tsubaki: Dark Priestess and rival of Kikyo’s. After being defeated by Inuyasha’s group, she cuts her ties with Naraku and decides to join Sesshomaru on his quest for revenge.
  • Shiori: A half-demon who helps Inuyasha gain the barrier-breaking Red Tetsusaiga. The destruction from the group’s battle with the Bat Demon tribe gets Shiori and her mother kicked out of the village. The power Shiori inherited from her father awakened during the battle. She decides to travel with Inuyasha’s group to strengthen her powers.

Everyone is mostly unchanged. I have a few things I wanna work out with other characters as well. Book 2 will cover events from Seasons 4 through 7 prettymuch.  Book 3 covers The Final Act plus continues for a bit afterward. This has gone on long enough but I will update this as I think of more things ^_^

Oh and yes, this story will ONLY be published on AO3.

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